Sunday, April 26, 2009

Travel Workouts

I recently went on a vacation backed up to the end of a business trip. This meant I was away from my gym for about 12 days. Fortunately, I didn't miss a single workout! My Indian clubs and 1 16kg kettlebell were along for the ride and it was great to workout in cool California mornings outdoors this early in the season.

Swing and snatch Tabata intervals and a clean and press ladder up to 10. Plenty to do on the road. The Indian clubs were lightweight and more than enough exercise for traveling. If I had to do a plane trip instead of a road trip, the Indian clubs would be my first choice with only 4lbs added to the luggage total. With today's strict air guidelines, the kettlebell just doesn't fly.

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Justin said...

I happen to be traveling right now (per my earlier comment) and this place we're staying actually has an excellent gym (a real pull-up bar and dumbbells up to at least 75 lbs!).

But anyway, there is a solid bodyweight circuit out there that Craig Ballantyne came up with that requires zero equipment (unless you count a wall, floor, and a watch). It's the "crazy 8 bodyweight cardio circuit," and it is a pretty solid workout. If you google for c8b300 you should be able to find it (I blogged it a lot over at my personal site -