Friday, February 20, 2009

Keyboard Jockey Workouts - Designing the First Circuit

Today begins the first in a series of new circuits that I am experimenting with. This circuit was created by me but I won't necessarily be making all of them.

Small Disclaimer:
I am not a fitness expert, athlete, or trainer. I do not belong to a gym. I do not time my workouts to compete with anyone but myself. These workouts are designed around my current goals and fitness level. They are not intended as advice or instruction.

I do not count a rep that does not have complete ROM or perfect form. This is essential for making the time meaningful and is critical to avoiding injury.

The idea:
10 fireman squat curl press with 30lbs dumbbells
10 16kg Turkish get-ups with 2 snatches on top of each
10 ring pull-ups

3 rounds for time
The first attempt:
I was able to do two rounds with great difficulty at 13:54. My average heart rate was 171, maxing out at 188. The limiting factor for this circuit was the ring pull-ups. The next time this circuit comes up I need to either be better at ring pull-ups, do the 10 on a bar, or drop to doing 6 ring pull-ups. The second round I had to do a 4, 3, 2, 1 ladder to finish my ring pull-ups, 6 pull-ups would require a much more manageable 3, 2, 1 ladder. Three rounds is the goal for next time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guitar Hero is the amusement park that was built on top of the ruins of music education's place in the home. On the plus side, Rock Band is the shopping mall that was built next door.