Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keyboard Jockey Push Circuit

Yesterday's variety day included some windmills, halos, and heavy singles with the 32kg kettlebell.

Today's circuit is mostly push. The circuit is hitting the shoulders from two very different angles with thrusters and full extension parallette push-ups. The turkish get-ups are a static load through the shoulder's full range of motion. The end of the circuit is the only static pull in the group for a 'break', with the focus actually being on a stable core to bring knees to right angle elbows on the rings. Special note today, turkish get-ups and knee-to-elbows are both exercises that should be practiced with an emphasis on smooth natural articulation through the full range of motion. These exercises should not be hurried, perform each smoothly and completely regardless of the time it takes. Any rep that is hurried, incomplete or executed with momentum instead of control does not count.

2 rounds for time of:

20 single arm kettlebell thrusters
10 turkish get-ups
20 parallette push-ups
10 ring knee-to-elbows

My time today was 15:30, max heart rate of 185, average of 165.

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