Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A new album, thanks Rivers. Rifling through these tracks as they roll by time after time, I am helpless to stop enjoying it more and more. This adjustment period for a Weezer album has become a very familiar curve. Of course it doesn't do anything to help mitigate the effects of such a thing. Right off I'm not sure if the album delivers, there are gems but I'm not really ready to enjoy it. A few times later all the choruses are in my head and starting to take over. The immediately insulting nature of such a bridge as is sandwiched in the myriad of styles of "I Am The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" makes me feel like I've just been tricked but I want it again. Again I've been forced to comply with what Rivers wants me to like but that feeling of unrest is no where to be found when I reach for it.

A cat named Stevens found a faith he could believe in? Fabulous.

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